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Remplin Castle

In the mid-18th century, the von Hahn family built a three-wing Baroque palace at Remplin. Starting in 1865, alterations were carried out by Duke Georg of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who wanted the palace to reflect the style of the French Renaissance and called upon the services of the Berlin-based architect Friedrich Hitzig. ... more

Manor House Ahrensberg

The Ahrensberg manor house is a one-storey, 15-axle building with a flat central risalit over five axes. It has a crippled meadow roof with eight simple dormers.  ... more

Manor House Grabowhöfe

Grabowhöfe is situated north of Waren near Lake Müritz. The place was documented for the first time in 1338, in a letter from Prince Nicholas II von Werle, where it was referred to as Grabow. ... more

Gutshaus Neu Panstorf

Anfang des 14. Jahrhunderts befand sich der Ort im Besitz der Familie von Moltke, Ende des 14. Jahrhunderts der Familie von Nossentin. ... more