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Manor House Lehsen

The estate Lehsen had been a fiefdom of the von Blücher family from the middle ages up to 1690. In this year the estate was purchased by Hieronimus Wiegand von Laffert.  ... more

Ludwigslust Castle

In 1724, a hunting lodge and park for Duke Christian Ludwig II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin were built in the village of Klenow. In 1754, the village was renamed Ludwigslust. ... more

Gutshaus Melkof

Seit 1420 bis 1819 befand sich Melkof im Besitz der Familie von Pentz. Im Jahre 1819 erwarb Julius Klaus von der Deeken das Gut. ... more

Manor House Schönfeld near Mühlen Eichsen

As early as 1194, there had already been the mention of “Sconenuelde” as a trust property in the tithe register of the Bishops of Ratzeburg. It is presumed to have been first pledged to the Lords von Schönfeld. ... more