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Farmhouse Breitenstein

Manor House Damerow

The Damerow estate, located between Pasewalk and Prenzlau, had been a fiefdom of the von Winterfeld family since the end of the 16th century. In 2006, the descendants of this family succeeded in reacquiring the former family estate including the agricultural land. ... more

Manor house Friedrichshof at Pasewalk

The manor house is crumbling and deserted. ... more

Manor House Groß Luckow

Groß Luckow, first documented in 1375, lies on the border to Brandenburg between the towns of Pasewalk and Strasburg. ... more

Manor House Klein Luckow near Strasburg

Estate and Mausoleum Koblentz

"Colbcutz" was first mentioned in a document in 1293. At that time, the knight Friedrich von Eickstedt resided here. From 1490 on the village was a fief of the von Muckerwitz family and from 1579 on of the von Eickstedt family. ... more

Manor House Krugsdorf

The estate Krugsdorf which is situated east of Pasewalk belonged together with the estate Koblentz to the fiefdom of the von Eickstedt family. ... more

Züsedom Manor House

The house was built in the middle of the 19th century.  ... more