Manor House Krugsdorf

The estate Krugsdorf which is situated east of Pasewalk belonged together with the estate Koblentz to the fiefdom of the von Eickstedt family.

Since 1898 the Hintze family managed the estate. On the spot where once stood an older building this grand mansion-like rendered building in country house style was erected from 1921 on, embedded in a small park. From the rear of the manor house an open staircase leads across a terrace into the park. For some years the manor was in use as a Castle Hotel and Restaurant. Inside the building there are some details extant from the construction period. Of the former estate complex there remain two stable buildings.

In the neighbouring village Koblentz the mausoleum of the von Eickstedt family has been preserved. Both the estates of Koblentz and Krugsdorf were closely connected. The late classicist rendered building was erected in 1853/54 according to plans by the architect Friedrich Hitzig. The mausoleum is nowadays used as a church.