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Manor House Cölpin

The Cölpin manor house was built between 1778 and 1785 by the estate owner, Stephan Werner von Dewitz. ... more

Manor House Alt Käbelich

Built around 1800 in the classicistic stile. Owned by Mister Lack from 1702 to 1719. ... more

Manor House Gramelow

A special feature is the small round church, which was built in 1806 by the architect Frederick William Dunkelberg. ... more

Manor house Holldorf

The manor house was built about 1867. It is inhabited. ... more

Manor House Klein Nemerow

When the Brandenburg Margrave Albrecht endowed the free ownership of the villages Groß and Klein Nemerow to the Commander (of an order) Ulrich Schwabe in 1298 the Johanniter (St. John) commandry Nemerow came into being. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Leppin

Leppin is situated approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Neubrandenburg. From 1694 to 1705 the estate was in possession of the von Genzkow family. In 1705 Katharine Christine von Genzkow married Hans Felix von Oertzen. He had a horse shoe shaped manor house erected. ... more

Manor House Rosenhagen (Lindetal) next to Neubrandenburg

Stargard Castle

The building began through the order of the Margraves Johann I and Otto III von Brandenburg in 1236 and was finished in 1258. ... more