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Manor House Hotel garni Barkow near Plau

The Barkow bei Plau manor house was built by the Hülße family in 1913. It is a one-storey rendered building, with a wide spire light and high triangular pediment. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Karow near Plau

In the village of Karow, to the north of the town of Plau there are two manor houses of different eras situated right next to each other in the midst of a generous romantic landscape park. ... more


The desolate rural fields of Klebe were first mentioned in 1534 as belonging to the church. From 1841 on at the latest the hereditary lease estate was in possession of the parish of Plau. ... more

Manor House, Tenant´s House Klein Dammerow

In 1700 Dammerow was mentioned as a sovereign demesne. The size of the demesne amounted to 528 hectare in 1896, in 1917 474 hectare, in 1930 434 hectare, and in 1945 it measured 379 hectare. ... more

Manor House Leisten

An ancient chestnut-lined avenue leads through the village of Leisten to a circular flower bed. Behind this there are  four magnificent lime trees in front of the manor house with its beautiful brick facade. ... more

Manor House Plau

Plau am See Castle

There are only remains of the embankments, and the castle tower with its dungeon have been preserved from 1448/49 on the castle estate which was completed in 1287 and later expanded several times. ... more

Zarchlin Manor House

The manor house was built between 1877 and 1879 on order of Hermann Schumacher, who had been the lessee of the estate since 1852. The last lessee of this royal domain was Elfriede Steinkopf, who had to leave Zarchlin in 1945. ... more