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Map of manor house locations in Mecklenburg

Map of manor house locations in Mecklenburg

On the map you will find approx. 1600 locations of manor houses, manor houses, castles and palaces.

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Manor house Solzow in calendar 2022

Manor house Solzow in calendar 2022

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Manor House Sparow

The former Sparow estate lies north of Malchow in the middle of the Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide with the bordering Müritz National Park and has been completely rebuilt into a new hotel complex since 1998.

The redesigned estate next to a church provides many leisure facilities. A part of the stone wall is preserved, and apartments were created in the former park. The first documented reference to Sparow was on 17 April 1500. Diederich and Jasper von Flotow pledged the estate to Hinrich Berends on this day. The estate was under the ownership of the Wangelin family in 1624, and Eggert Christoph Knut purchased the ownership from the bankrupt Wangelin family in 1692. Joachim von Pitzbuer, the son-in-law, was the heir of Mr. Knut, who sold Sparow to Ernst Christian von Holle in 1725. Ernst F. von Raven purchased the ownership in 1747 and Duke Friedrich Franz I in 1789.

Sparow, with its 820 ha., was auctioned to the knighthood in 1812; the owner was Ludwig Alexander Count von Blücher. The estate finally went to Wilhelm Neckel in 1850 and remained under the ownership of the family until its expropriation after 1945.

The manor house was a baroque building at its core which was later renovated and extended.

It was used, as was typical of the DDR times, as a residence, amongst others things. It stood empty for many years after the political change. In 1997 the dilapidated building had to give way to a new building of identical design.

The ownership until 1945:

until 17.04.1500

Diederich and Jasper von Flotow


by way of a pledge Hinrich Berends


Christian von Wangelin


Eggert Christoph von Knuth


Joachim von Pitzbuer


Ernst Friedrich von Raven


Grand-ducal demesne chamber


Count von Blücher auf Finken


Wilhelm Neckel (previous tenant)
1921 Hermann and Gottfried Neckel
1938 Hermann Neckel