Manor house Retzow

Retzow lies north-west of Mirow and was first documented in 1237. The von Kerkbergenobles were originally residents here.

The estate was under the ownership of Christoph von Barnewitz in 1601 as an unredeemed pledge from Carsten von Retzow. It then went to the von Hammerstein family in 1787. The rebuilding of an older complex to a neo-classical, two-storey rendered building with a residential semi-basement and extended attic took place from 1788 to 1791. The side facing the courtyard has an impressive avant-corps which is formed by a column portico with a triangular gable in which an elaborate segmental arched window can be seen. You can reach the former landscape park, with its old trees, through a columned verandah at the back of the house. A considerable part of the estate had already been expropriated to build an airport in 1917. The remaining courtyard with the manor house was purchased by Josef Törk in 1926. He was forced to sell his property in 1935 so that the airport could be extended. The manor house was used as a children’s home from 1945 to 1951, following that it was an old people’s home until 1994. Despite partial renovation in which the roof was covered and the windows remoulded, the manor house stood empty for many years after that. The house, the stables, the Kavaliershaus (a house on the castle grounds - a separate building for staff and guests) and part of the park were sold to a Danish businessman in 2012.

The house and park renovation has been in full swing since then. The growth in front of the house which had previously covered the lovely neo-classical façade has been removed.

The manor house has been managed by the Ludorf estate owner, who had also supported the renovation. We would like to thank Gregor Sturm (Sturm + Viermetz Architekten) for the historical photographs.

sources: heirs Josef Törk, Blumentritt familiy, Wildenberg

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