Manor House Harkensee

The manor house in Harkensee, Klützer Winkel, is a two-storey plastered brick building that was built around 1830 in Neoclassical style.

At the entrance is an inscription with the year 1829 on a quarry stone. The estate was built between 1801 and 1833. It still consists of three stables and a wooden barn that is said to be the largest of its kind in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Harkensee estate was owned by the von Plessen family before 1820, who had dominated the fertile area of ​​Klützerwinkel until the 17th century. The last owner before 1945 was the Kersten family.

After the Second World War, the manor house was used as a residential building and also served as a seat for the council of the municipality and a doctor's practice. It was altered and transformed to meet the demands of these purposes.

The manor house was then sold in 2002. After renovation, apartments and double rooms were set up. Events and family celebrations can now be held in the halls. There is also a well-furnished wine cellar for seminars and small events.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


(with Rosenhagen): von Fabrice
1778: the heirs of Georg Christoph von Fabrice
1780-1798: Countess M. A. von Rantzau, née von Fabrice
1794-1796: the heirs of Countess M. A. von Rantzau, née von Fabrice
1796-1798: Drost (highest district administrator) A. G. M. von Fabrice


Privy councillor Wolf Heinrich von Thienen


Magnus Joachim von Plessen


Meno Dietrich Rettich and Dühring


Brothers Rettich


Brothers Rettich and brothers Dühring


Brothers Meno Wilhelm and cavalry captain Johann Hermann Rettich


Johann Vorbeck


Councillor of the demesne Friedrich Heinrich Gustav Hillmann


Dr. jur. Paul Gebhart


Kersten family (W. A. Kersten / Rees a. Rhein)