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Farmhouse (Manor House, Castle) Johannstorf

The two-storey brick building by plans of master builder Rudolph Matthias Dallin originates from 1743 when it was built in the place of an ancient moated castle. ... more

Manor House Benckendorf

Benckendorf was first documented as a village in 1249 and the estate was first documented in 1440. The Benckendorf manor house was created in the middle of the 18th century. The Eckermann family acquired the estate in 1808 and was integrated into the Johannstorff estate complex. The manor house was privatized after the political change. ... more

Manor House Harkensee

The manor house in Harkensee, Klützer Winkel, is a two-storey plastered brick building that was built around 1830 in Neoclassical style. ... more

Manor House Kaltenhof

Kaltenhof is located on the island of Poel. During the middle of the 19th century the tenant of the estate was Friedrich Bosselmann and from 1908 on Hans Steinhagen. ... more

Castle Lütgenhof

Castle Lütgenhof is situated near Dassow directly at the nature reserve around the Dassow Lake in the midst of an extensive park landscape. ... more

Manor House Wahrsow

Wilmstorf Manor House

The village Wilmstorf lies in the area around Klütz, north of the small city of Dassow. From here it is only a few kilometers to the beloved Baltic beaches. The manor house stands on a small pond in the park and was built in 1856. ... more