Manor House Hugoldsdorf

Hugoldsdorf was one of the oldest possessions of the Behrs family. It was named after an ancestor of this family: a knight named Hugoldus. The Behrs family owned the place for centuries.

With the marriage of Hans-Jürgen von Gadow with Anna-Margarethe von Behr on May 3rd, 1701, the estate passed to the von Gadow family. The manor house, a two-storey Neoclassical building, was built in 1861 next to the older manor house from 1796. Around 1933, parts of the estate were divided up and, in September 1945, the von Gadow family was expropriated following the land reform and expelled from the district of Franzburg.

After 1945, the manor house was used for residential purposes and also served as seat of the administration of the agricultural production cooperative and as a cultural house.

After 1990, the occupants gradually moved out and it began withering away. Since 2006 and after several unsuccessful attempts to sell, there is hope that life will return. The new owner has begun renovation of the old manor house in which parts of the stucco ceilings and the original doors have been preserved. The plan is to establish retirement facilities, create premises for social pedagogy activities with disabled people and the youth, as well as a venue for academic and artistic activities.