Manor House Daschow

The village of Daschow was first mentioned in 1235 under the name Darsekow. After the Thirty Years' War Daschow is a fiefdom of the von Dessin family, who originated from Gottorf near Schleswig.

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In 1703, the estate came into the pledge possession of Captain Otto Friedrich von Pentz, who was stabbed to death in Güstrow eleven years later. Until 1723 several administrators looked after the estate before it passed to Christoph von Passow. In 1730, Berend Ulrich von Pressentin purchased the estate; through marriage it then came into possession of the von Hartwig family, who ran the estate until their expropriation in 1945.

After that the manor house was used to accommodate refugees, it also housed a doctor´s surgery and a co-op shop. Since 1973 it served as a holiday hostel and later as a restaurant. The park was divided out into allotments and the estate and the manor house were integrated into the LPG (Agricultural Production Cooperative) "Estate Karow".

After the political change it was renovated with state funds and handed over to an educational institution as a hotel management school. Due to bankruptcy a hedge fund took over the manor house, whose possessor auctioned it off to new owners.

The two-storey plaster building of today's "Daschow Castle" dates from around 1880. On the courtyard side it is a two-storey building on an elevated basement, on the park side it appears much higher and more impressive due to the sloping terrain.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

Passed 1648

von Dessin familiy

1703 - 1714

Pawned property of Captain Otto Friedrich von Pentz under an Administrator until 1723

1723 - 1730

Christoph von Passow


Berend Ulrich von Pressentin


von Hartwig family
In 1802, the estate goes to the heiress Wilhelmine Juliane Dorothea von Pressentin, who had married Captain von Hartwig in 1797. After her death her son Wilhelm Ferdinand Carl von Hartwig (1799-1874) took over the estate.

1939: Carl, Albrecht and Head Forester Kurt von Hartwig

1924-1943: Brothers Rudolf, Carl, Albert and Kurt von Hartwig