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Vanselow Manor House (Mansion, Palace)

The manor house of Vanselow was built from 1870 to 1872 in late Classical style on an H-shaped layout for District Administrator Hans Ludwig Freiherr von Maltzahn after plans by the Schwerin architect Georg Daniel. ... more

Manor House Plötz

In Plötz in the district of Demmin, 12 km east of this small town, is an old manor house that was revived in 2004 after it had remained empty for more than 20 years. ... more

Manor House Pritzier, District of Wolgast

The Manor House Pritzier no longer exists. Pritzier was first mentioned in Lubin's map in 1618. (The Lubin map is the first complete map of the Duchy of Pomerania produced by the Rostock scholar Eilhard Lubinus between 1610 and 1618.) Pritzier was originally and presumably until 1641 a fief of the Nienkerken family. Around this time the place became a sovereign demesne. ... more