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Langensee manor house in calendar 2021

Langensee manor house in calendar 2021

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Ludorf manor in calendar 2019

Ludorf manor in calendar 2019

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Langensee manor house in calendar 2021

Langensee manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Langensee

The manor house Langensee on the banks of the lake by the same name was built in 1798 as the neo-classical epicentre of an agricultural estate.

The estate was disbanded in the 30´s of the last century, up to 1938 fifteen new farm steads were created. The former farm buildings became a guesthouse and a "Recreation home for the purpose of mental and physical recovery of exhausted city dwellers in need of rehabilitation".

After World War II the manor house offered a new home to 13 refugee families who by and by moved out into the surrounding neighbourhood. There followed deterioration and a `Sleeping Beauty´ existence. Until, after the German reunification, a family from Mecklenburg revived the house and yard with the assistance of the Denkmalschutz (national heritage protection).

Inside the manor house holiday flats were developed. These have direct access to the lake, the bathing jetty, and the lawn for sunbathing as well as to rowing and pedal boats, plus the sauna and the children´s playground too.

Structure of ownership prior to the opening to settlements after 1930:   


von Mecklenburg


Georg Ernst von Lücken


Heinrich Carl von Lowtzow auf Gülzow


Administration Superior Johann Christoph Krause


Johann Joachim Ferdinand Lamberts


War Councillor Christian Heinrich von Schröter
Prof. H. von Schröter
1843/44 The brothers von Schröter


Christian Susemihl


Friedrich Johann Carl Möller


Hermann Moennich


Dr. jur. Wilhelm Gebhard

Gutshaus Langensee

18276 Gülzow-Prüzen, Langenseer Straße 12

Phone: 0179 3949149