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Manor House Langensee

The manor house Langensee on the banks of the lake by the same name was built in 1798 as the neo-classical epicentre of an agricultural estate. ... more

Manor House Lübzin

In 1911 the then owner of the manor house Lübzin Kurt Viering commissioned a prestigious redesign of the building according to plans by the architect Paul Korff. The edifice was raised by one floor, received a frontage in neo-baroque style and a kerb roof. ... more

Manor House Helpt

In 1455, Helpt had been feoffed to the Bredow family. The property was later acquired by the Duke following the extinction of the family line. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Katelbogen

From 1662 on up to 1798, with a brief interruption, the estate was in possession of the von Plessen family, followed by the von Plüskow family, and from 1856 on by the Jasmund family. ... more

Manor House Liddow

The former feudal estate Liddow was first mentioned in records in 1318. The manor house consists of two one storey rendered buildings that are at right angles to each other. ... more