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Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

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Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Kowalz

In the charming pristine landscape of the rivers Warbel-Regnitz valley the quiet peaceful village of Kowalz is situated, which nowadays belongs to the municipality of Thelkow.

The manor house is originally a half-timbered building, which must have been erected around the beginning of the 18th century. Over the years refurbishments took place again and again. Since 1841 the estate was owned by the von Plüskow family. The author Margarete von Oertzen nee Plüskow was born here in 1854. She wrote several successful books for children and young people, some of which are still reprinted in modern days, and also some short tracts for adults. She also had games published, for instance a biblical quartet game. In 1905 Ernst von Randow became a tenant of the estate which he purchased of the von Plüskow family together with the estate Sophienhof in 1914. Up to 1944 all mortgages had been paid off, however only one year later followed the expropriation of the family.

The manor house, which has been refurbished in 2004, is again privately owned. Kowalz has a landscape park with a splendid lime tree avenue and a small pond.

The park is under preservation order.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Bassewitz


The brothers von Bassewitz: District Administrator Joachim Ludolf von Bassewitz and Chamberlain E. W. von Bassewitz


Siblings von Bassewitz: Miss Charlotte von Bassewitz, District Administrator Joachim Ludolf von Bassewitz and Chamberlain E.W. von Bassewitz


Privy Counsellor Bernhard Jacob Daniel von Neumann


Daniel Plath


Councillor of Justice Christian Friedrich Ludwig Rönneberg (see Sophienhof and Starkow), Advocate at the Manorial and District Court of Güstrow.


Cavalry Captain Carl Friedrich von Scheither (see Sophienhof and Starkow)

1804 - 1816

Friedrich Baron von Dillenburg

since 1807 Dr. Taddel for the debtees of Baron von Dillenburg (see Starkow)


Albert Diederich Freudenfeld (see Thelkow and Starkow)


Dr. Georg Hermann Oerthing


Josias von Plüskow


The heirs of Josias von Plüskow


The heiresses of Josias von Plüskow

As fiefdom holders are named four individuals, the Christian name Karl is mentioned twice, Colonel Karl, Major General Karl, Major General and Commander of the II. Infantry Guard Regiment Otto and Major Hans von Plüskow.


First Lieutenant (ret.) Ernst von Randow