Manor House Keffenbrink

Keffenbrink a former farming village consists of a manor house, a few rubble stone built ancient stable complexes, and several houses of a more recent date.

In 1905 Wolfgang von Pachelberg-Gehag was registered as the fee tail lord of the estate. During the 1920s the possessor was Carl Freiherr von Pachelbel-Gehag-Ascheraden and in 1939 Dr. jur. Carl Wolfgang von Pachelberg-Gehag. He also owned the feudal estates of Dorow and Nehringen, as well as the remainders of the Rodde estate with the forestry section Camper. During WWII the famous Stellwagen organ from the St.Marien church in Stralsund was stored in the safe place of the Keffenbrink manor house. Some of the organ pipes were lost due to looting.

After 1945 the building was predominantly used for residential purposes. A large part of the house is now standing empty. When one comes across the listed manor house nowadays it is very difficult to even anticipate the former splendour of the building which was erected around 1900. The tower has broken off, all walls were very plainly rendered during GDR times. Inside only the old cast-iron staircase bravely rises to the upper floor.

The manor house is situated in a six hectare park. In autumn 2016 a private person bought the building at an auction for 125.000 Euro. The buyer has the long term idea to restore the manor house to its original condition.