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Manor House Nehringen

Nehringen, mentioned for the first time in 1387. In the Middle Ages, it was a border town at a ford through Trebel, which separated Pomerania and Mecklenburg. ... more

Manor House Gehag

In Gehag, only fragments of the once stately manor house are left in the listed park. In 1907 Gehag was an outwork of the Zimkendorf estate, which together with the Borgwall farm covered approx. 909 hectares and was farmed by tenants. Later Gehag was run as an independent manor and was known for its pig breeding. ... more

Manor House Karnin

The village of Karnin was first mentioned in records of 1242 when the Rügen Duke Witzlaw I. sold the place to Magister Iwanus. ... more

Manor House Keffenbrink

Keffenbrink a former farming village consists of a manor house, a few rubble stone built ancient stable complexes, and several houses of a more recent date. ... more

Zimkendorf Manor House

The estate was owned by Niclas von Braun until 1619.  In that year Duke Philip Julius of Pomerania acquired it in a trade.  It later went to the Swedish crown. ... more