Manor House Karnin

The village of Karnin was first mentioned in records of 1242 when the Rügen Duke Witzlaw I. sold the place to Magister Iwanus.

In 1325 the first Pomeranian Duke of the Griffin Dynasty Wartislaw III. took over the property. From 1480 on the Kragewitz family owned the village of Karnin. In the Thirty Years War Karnin was raided and looted during the siege of Stralsund. With the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 Karnin was taken over by Sweden and in 1815 it came to Prussia. In 1759 the Karnin estate together with the estate of Zimkendorf was owned by Ludwig von Sodenstern who died without issue. The von Pachelbel-Gehag family inherited the estate in 1847. In the autumn of 1876 Wilhelm Henning took possession of the property, the Henning family remained owners of the estate until 1928.

The manor house in English Tudor style was built in 1860.

The park, which now is a designated natural historical monument, was reshaped into a landscape park around 1858 according to plans by the landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné.

In 1937 the estate was owned by Reg. Ass. a.D. (civil servant ret.) Wilhelm Henning. The Henning family stayed in possession up to the 27th, September 1945 when the owners were expropriated and expulsed from the estate.

The manor house is a listed building of which parts were still inhabited after 1990, it is now standing empty.