Manor House (Castle) Klein Plasten

Seen from Gross Plasten on the opposite side of the Klein Plasten lake lies the village with the same name. Klein Plasten was also first mentioned in records of 1284.

Up to 1470 the village was owned by the Plasten family, followed by the Voss family. In 1514 the village went to Hermann Kamptz whose family stayed in possession of the property until 1789. During this year August von Blücher purchased the estate and his descendants sold it in 1852 to Adolf Hermann von Boddin auf Prebberede. Towards the end of the 19th century there occurred a frequent change of owners until 1898 when the estate came back into the hands of the von Blücher family. In the 1930s the estate was opened to settlements.

The manor house was erected during the 18th century in the baroque style. In later years refurbishment took place when amongst other details the octagonal tower on the side was added.
 After 1945 refugees first moved into the house until it was purchased by the Elbe Werft Boizenburg (shipyard company) in 1974 who had the building comprehensively reconstructed for use as an educational institution and as holiday accommodation for the company's staff.

In 1992 the Genossenschaftsverband Norddeutschland (Cooperative Federation of Northern Germany) acquired the manor house and used it until the end of 2005 as a seminar and training centre. Thereafter the building stood empty and in the autumn of 2006 was sold by auction to the entrepreneur Harald Meier from Lüneburg.

Nowadays the house is used as a conference hotel.