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Vilz Manor House

The estate was in the possession of the von Moltke family for over 400 years from 1236 and owned by the von Koss family from 1684 to 1855.  Prussian Lieutenant General Haeseler, its owner in 1902, was raised to knighthood in Mecklenburg that year. ... more

Manor House Dudendorf

Dudendorf is located on the northern end of Recknitztal. The village was first documented in the 16th century. The name is probably derived from the name of a person, Dude. ... more

Estate Kucksdorf

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Estate, Demesne Langsdorf

The village of Langsdorf has gained some fame in recent years. The A20 motorway, inaugurated in 2005, has a bridge leading through the wide moorland area of the river Trebel valley. In 2017 this bridge was bogged down into the mire and with it the motorway. ... more