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Vilz manor in calendar 2016

Vilz manor in calendar 2016

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Vilz Manor House

The estate was in the possession of the von Moltke family for over 400 years from 1236 and owned by the von Koss family from 1684 to 1855.  Prussian Lieutenant General Haeseler, its owner in 1902, was raised to knighthood in Mecklenburg that year.

Vilz we present in calendar 2016
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After World War I von Haeseler was the fifth commander of the Mecklenburg Association of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem from 1919 until his death in 1927.  For more than 30 years he was a member of the Society for Mecklenburg History and Antiquity Studies.  He held many orders including the Austrian Order of Francis Joseph.  Both Haeseler and his wife Cäcilie are buried in Vilz.

The manor house was built in 1905 on the foundations of an earlier building, which foundations are still visible on the park side of the house.  The two wings were added a bit later, the left with its pediment around 1910 and the right around 1920.

From 1927 until about 1964 the house was used as a school, with the exception of the years immediately after the war in 1945 and 1946, when it served as refugee housing and an old people’s home.  Until 1945 D. Janssen owned the rest of the estate but lived in the former inspector’s house rather than in the manor house itself.

After 1964 the building was converted to housing and in 2004 it was still owned by the Tessin Housing Corporation.

H.-Jürgen Kuhrt and Albrecht W. Bolz bought the house in 2004.  Since then it has been restored little by little and returned to its original form:  the arrangement of the rooms, the old axial order, and the three-part division of the entryway have been reproduced.  The entire ground floor is restored and lovingly furnished in the style of its time.

In the house is a large library for genealogical research, which may also be used by appointment by other interested parties.

Some farm buildings still remain in Vilz.

On the park side the ground slopes away and provides a view of the fields and rural Tessin.

Ownership before 1945:


von Moltke

1684 as collaterale / 1692 erblich - 1855

von Koß


Adam Joachim von Koß


Gustav Adolf von Koß


Groom of the Bedchamber and later State Councilor Peter Tönder von Koss


Heirs of Peter Tönder von Koss


von Koss brothers: Joseph Albert Friedrich, Adam Joachim, and Hans Christoph von Koss


von Koss brothers:  Joseph Albert Friedrich and Adam Joachim von Koss


Adam Joachim von Koß


Siegmund Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Baron Waiz von Eschen


Lieutenant General Willy von Haeseler


Karl von Haeseler


Culture and Settlement Corporation of German Farmers


Remainder of estate: D. Janssen; 27 new settlers, 20 hereditary land parcels (1936 14 cottagers named)