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Manor House (Castle) Groß Lüsewitz

Groß Lüsewitz was a feudal estate that was documented for the first time in 1344. Before 1485, it was owned by the feudal lords von Thulendorf. ... more

Gutshaus Groß Ridsenow (in german only)

Um 1776 im Auftrag der Familie von Wendhausen errichtetes Gutshaus. Letzter Besitzer des Allodialgutes mit einer Größe von 837,5 Hektar war Paul Mierendorff. 1938 wurde das Gut durch die Siedlungsgesellschaft "Ostland" aufgesiedelt.  ... more

Estate Helmstorf

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Manor House Klein Grabow

The manor house was built in the neoclassical building style in 1883. The rooms are available for concerts, exhibitions, and celebrations. ... more

Manor House Schönfeld near Mühlen Eichsen

As early as 1194, there had already been the mention of “Sconenuelde” as a trust property in the tithe register of the Bishops of Ratzeburg. It is presumed to have been first pledged to the Lords von Schönfeld. ... more