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Wesselstorf Manor

Like most other estates in Mecklenburg, Wesselstorf can look back on a history of several hundred years. ... more

Manor House Poppendorf

Poppendorf is located in the so-called eastern suburbs of the Hanseatic town of Rostock. The village road leads you right to the former estate. Its centered around the manor house, which is now known as “Musenhof”. ... more

Manor house Gubkow

The Gubkow property has consisted of both feudal estates Hohen Gubkow and Sieden Gubkow since the Middle Ages. ... more

Estate Helmstorf

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Estate Kokendorf

In 1704 the village of Kokendorf, which consisted of eight farms, was divided. Three belonged to Colonel de Puits of Wehnendorf, five farms were owned by Captain von der Hardt of Gubkow. ... more

Manor House Lieblingshof

In 1807 the estate was in possession of Johann Hillmann followed in 1842 by John Sansum, in 1843 owned by Richard Moritz Oppenheimer and in 1857 it belonged to  Ludwig Friedrich Bernhard von Arnim. ... more