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Farm House Auerose

Auerose, south of Anklam, once was a fiefdom of the family von Schwerin. At the beginning of the 18th century the property was bought by the family von Borcken. ... more

Manor House Altwigshagen

Altwigshagen was originally an old fiefdom of the von Schwerin family. As early as in 1331, there had already been a mention of a fortified house by the name of “castrum of the Schwerins”. ... more

Manor House Krienke

The manor house was erected in 1920. Owners of the estate were the von Borcke family from 1525 to 1945. ... more

Manor House Möllenbeck near Neustrelitz

The manor house was erected during the 1st half of the 18th century. The estate was owned by the von Borck family from 1820 until it was sold to Carl Brohme in 1925. ... more

Manor House Neuendorf A

The place was documented for the first time in 1317. Neuendorf was a feudal estate of the von Schwerin and von Borcke families. ... more