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Manor House Zietlitz

On the edge of the Nossentiner-Schwinzer Heide Nature Park, in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District, lies Zietlitz.  The manor house, cozy and restored with great sensitivity, is available for a restful and unique vacation experience. ... more

Manor House Klein Strömkendorf

Between the Hanseatic City of Wismar which is about 20 kilometres away and the Baltic resort of Rerik at a distance of 10 kilometres lies Klein Strömkendorf in picturesque surroundings. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Hohen Luckow

The Hohen Luckow estate was under the ownership of the von Bassewitz family from 1308 to 1810. They built the manor house for Christoph von Bassewitz in 1707/1708. ... more

Gutshaus (Herrenhaus, Schloss) Pötenitz (in german only)

Wenige Kilometer östlich von Travemünde liegt Pötenitz. Durch einen Torbogen gelangt man über die weitläufige Gutsanlage aus dem 19. Jahrhundert zum Herrenhaus. ... more

Volkstorf Estate

Volkstorf is a part of the city of Dassow. It was closely connected to the neighboring estate of Pötenitz. From 1902 Anton von Brocken was the owner of Pötenitz and Volkstorf. The family was dispossessed in 1945 during land reform. ... more