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Manor House Freudenberg

Freudenberg was originally owned by the von der Lühe family. Starting in 1797, it was taken over by the Collmann family who held it until it was inherited by the Albrecht family. ... more

Gutshaus Groß Mohrdorf

Am Anfang des 14. Jahrhunderts verkaufte Hermanus de Turri den Ort an die Familie Öbelitz. ... more

Hinrichsdorf estate

Structure of ownership prior 1945: ... more

Manor House Klein Mohrdorf

At the beginning of the 14th century Hermanus de Turri sold the village to the Öbelitz family. ... more

Tressentin estate

Structure of ownership prior 1945: ... more

Wendisch Baggendorf Manor House

A manor house in Wendisch-Baggendorf was documented in writing in 1719.  The house was reached through a gate into the courtyard, which was planted with lindens.  This house received a new façade in 1762 and was renovated in 1922.  During the night of February 8, 1991 the roof was completely burnt out.  The damage to the entire house caused by the fire and the firefighting operations was so complete, that only the foundation could later be used for the building of a new house. ... more

Zimkendorf Manor House

The estate was owned by Niclas von Braun until 1619.  In that year Duke Philip Julius of Pomerania acquired it in a trade.  It later went to the Swedish crown. ... more