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Manor House Dahlen

The Dahlen property changed hands very frequently between the 14th and 17th centuries. Some of the former tenants include the von Lübbersdorf family, von Peckatel family, and von Ihlenfeldt family. ... more

Manor House Dambeck near Bütow

The former Dambecker estate is situated west of the small town of Röbel, directly next to the great Dambecker See. The manor house is located on the lake shore. ... more

Manor House Dishley near Friedland

Originally the place was called Treppersdorf. At the end of the 18th century it received the name Dishley at the suggestion of Regierungsrat (senior civil servant) August Schlettwein in memory of his prolonged stay in England and an economic plan. ... more

Manor House Maßlow

The Maßlow estate was owned by the von Meding family of Mecklenburg from 1799 onwards. They sold it in 1836 and used the proceeds to purchase the Schmakentin estate as well as the inventory and leasehold rights of the Groß Walmstorf estate. ... more

Zaschendorf Manor House

Zaschendorf first appears in the written record in 1320.  The estate was one of the old properties of the knightly von Barner family, which in the early Middle Ages was called simply Barner, Berner, or Barnekow and was widely settled in the Crivitz area. ... more