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Vollrathsruhe Manor House (Palace)

In 1759 Vollrath Levin II. Moltzan rented the parish fields of Kirch-Grubenhagen for himself and his heirs and laid out the Vollrathsruhe estate.  From 1828 to 1851 the estate was in the possession of the Heise-Rothenburg family, until Karl von Moltzan bought it back. ... more

Manor House Bülow near Teterow

The Bülow estate in Teterow was under the ownership of Volrath Hanensee until 1372, followed by von Moltzan auf Schorssow and the Moltke family in the mid-17th century, ... more

Estate Kirch Grubenhagen

Kirch Grubenhagen is part of the municipality Vollrathsruhe. The village is named after the Romanesque boulder stonework church "Saint Johannis" from the early 13th century, which rises on a hill in the village, whereas the place name Kirch Grubenhagen is more recent. ... more

Manor House Rothenmoor

Rothenmoor is in a scenic location at the southern end of Lake Malchir. The lands in this region were already in the possession of the von Maltzan family before 1372. ... more