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Estate Kirch Grubenhagen

Kirch Grubenhagen is part of the municipality Vollrathsruhe. The village is named after the Romanesque boulder stonework church "Saint Johannis" from the early 13th century, which rises on a hill in the village, whereas the place name Kirch Grubenhagen is more recent.

The place Kirchhagen (sometimes Hagen only) received this name as late as 1756. Saint Johannis is the family church of the von Moltzan, Molzan, Maltzan family.

The estate Kirch Grubenhagen belonged to the arable land of the estate Vollrathsruhe, from the beginning; both were managed by the same owners. Since 1364 the von Maltzan family have been sitting on the properties of Vollrathsruhe and Kirch Grubenhagen. Vollrath Levin II von Maltzan became lease holder of the estate in 1759. In 1828 Ludwig von Heise-Rotenburg took over the estates and in 1851 the property went to Karl Hans Friedrich Baron von Maltzahn. He was also the one who carried out extensive building work on the church and had some of the rooms newly furnished.

In 1877 his heirs sold the estate to Hubert Gustav Victor Baron von Tiele-Winckler.

The Tiele-Winckler family remained in possession of the estate until the expropriation as part of the land reform after the end of World War II.