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Manor House Eichhorst

The chamberlain von Engel and his brother Adolf Friedrich from the house of Breesen purchased Eichhorst from Carl Henning von Bredow in 1823, whose family had lived here since 1746. ... more

Manor House Brüz, district Passow

Brüz was first documented in 1295. Wedige von Maltzan of Grubenhagen purchased it in 1486. ... more

Manor House Drüsewitz

The manor house was built in the mid 19th century. The house is now private property and in use for residential purposes. ... more

Manor house Gubkow

The Gubkow property has consisted of both feudal estates Hohen Gubkow and Sieden Gubkow since the Middle Ages. ... more

Manor House Pankelow

The listed building was built around 1800. There are a park and a lake next to the manor house. ... more

Wamckow Manor House

The manor house was a two-storey brick structure built around 1825. Until 1603 the estate was owned by the von Plessen family, from 1791 by the von Bülow family, and after 1903 by the von Engels. ... more