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Zülow Manor House near Sternberg

In 1871 noted architect Martin Haller, builder of the Hamburg City Hall among others, erected the house in classical style for Johannes Hillmann.  In the entry foyer hang reliefs by the Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Hunting Lodge) Bellin

The original manor house with gatehouse from the mid 18th century was built by the Imperial Count von Sala. ... more

Gutshaus Grapen Stieten

Grapen Stieten besitzt ein zweigeschossiges Gutshaus aus Ziegelstein und mit hohem Walmdach. ... more

Gutshaus Groß Nienhagen

Groß Nienhagen war ein Allodialgut. Von dem ehemaligen Gutshof steht nur noch das Gutshaus. Es liegt in der Gemeinde Satow, im heutigen Landkreis Bad Doberan. ... more

Manor House Groß Stieten

In the early days, Groß Stieten was presumably owned by the knights von Rambow who were eminent in the southern region of Wismar. Possession then went to the von Hagen family until the 17th century when the von Zülow family acquired the property. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Klein Helle

The impressive manor complex of Klein Helle is near enough completely extant. The road is lined with neat farm labourers´ cottages which in uniformed architecture lead to the estate buildings. At the end of the yard stands the prestigious manor house with the adjacent landscaped park. ... more

Manor House Knegendorf

The manor house Knegendorf has fallen into decay, the estate buildings however are standing. In 1848 the estate was in possession of Hans Dethlof Dencker, the von Zülow family owned it in 1853 and from 1874 on the Brödermann family. ... more

Manor House Renzow

Renzow was first documented in 1230. It was given the name Renzow in 1384, which is derived from the Slavic term Rantsowe. The place was formerly divided into Klein (small) and Groß (big) Renzow. ... more

Estate Tarnow

The Tarnow estate was under the ownership of the Dargatz family in the 13th century. The estate went to the v. Maltzan family after the Dargatz family died out. ... more