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Gutshaus Groß Mohrdorf

Am Anfang des 14. Jahrhunderts verkaufte Hermanus de Turri den Ort an die Familie Öbelitz. ... more

Manor House Klein Mohrdorf

At the beginning of the 14th century Hermanus de Turri sold the village to the Öbelitz family. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Krönnevitz

About at the end of the 13th century families by the name of Crane are verifiable. At this time parts of the estate were in possession of the Neuenkamp monastery. ... more

Zingst, the “Little Palace Sundische Wiese” (Stralsund Meadow)

The Sundische Wiese or Wische, also called “near the houses” into the 19th century, is a very old property of the city of Stralsund, acquired even before 1290. ... more