Manor House (Castle) Krönnevitz

About at the end of the 13th century families by the name of Crane are verifiable. At this time parts of the estate were in possession of the Neuenkamp monastery.

In 1696 three families are proven as owners: Regimental Quartermaster Heinrich Bahr, bailiff Johann Sodemann and the widow of major Abraham Elver zu Preetz, Maria Elisabeth von Sydo. Around 1937 the estate was in possession of Werner Baron von Klot-Trautvetter. 1939 Egbert Baron von Maltzahn was the owner. The neo-classical style edifice with its extensive park was built in the mid 19th century. Nowadays the manor house contains highest standard holiday apartments, flats, and a sophisticated library, some sections of the park remain.

Krönnevitz is situated 8 kilometres from Stralsund. The manor house holiday accommodation presents an ideal base for outdoor activities such a tennis, horseback riding, and sailing (facilities are available near by) as well as for excursions to the islands of Rügen and Hiddensee, and the beaches of Darß and Zingst.