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Manor House Bartmannshagen

The village of Bertrameshagen was first mentioned documentarily in 1321. In the first document the Knight of Schmalensee was alluded to as the feudal lord and first fiefdom holder. ... more

Manor House Langenfelde

In the 16th century the Langenfelde estate was in possession of the Knights of Bugenhagen, from 1652 on the owners were the von Sperling family, followed by the von Pfuel family. Around 1722 Johann August von Meyerfeldt, Governor General of Swedish Pomerania, received the estate. ... more

Manor House Medrow

A Slavic castle "Villam Mederow" is first mentioned in documents in 1242. Around 1300, the village belonged to the estate of the Rügen Prince Witzlaw II. During the 13th and 14th centuries, the village became a knight's seat. ... more

Manor House Mühlenhof

In 1429, Hermann von Hagenow sold the "Mühlenhof" to the Dobbertin monastery. Until 1747, the farm belonged to the Mestlin estate as a dairy farm, but then became an independent tenant estate. The first leaseholder was a von Müller, who at the same time ran the glassworks which he established from 1746 on. After the dissolution of the Dobbertin monastery in 1919, Mühlenhof became a state domain and was then administered as a state property by the Lübz-Marnitz land department. In 1921, the 390 ha estate was leased to the judge Ernst Flindt from Neustadt-Glewe. ... more