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Manor House Eichhorst

The chamberlain von Engel and his brother Adolf Friedrich from the house of Breesen purchased Eichhorst from Carl Henning von Bredow in 1823, whose family had lived here since 1746. ... more

Prillwitz Castle

The Prillwitz estate was owned in the 14th century by the von Peccatel family. It then passed to the von Heydebreck family, then the von Maltzahn family, and was later owned, until the end of the 17th century, by the Blankenburg family. ... more

Manor House Tieplitz

The former Schaumburg-Lippe estate Tieplitz with its manor house built in 1793 was purchased in 1937 by Hans-Heinrich and Sophie v. Holstein, the grandparents of the current owners, to extend their Pomeranian properties and was last managed by the parents Otto-Justus and Yougha v. Laer until 1945. ... more

Wutschendorf Manor House

In the thirteenth century the Peckatel brothers were enfeoffed with Wutschendorf by Prince Nikolaus of Werle. ... more

Zaschendorf Manor House

Zaschendorf first appears in the written record in 1320.  The estate was one of the old properties of the knightly von Barner family, which in the early Middle Ages was called simply Barner, Berner, or Barnekow and was widely settled in the Crivitz area. ... more