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Ziesendorf Manor

Ziesendorf is first mentioned as “Cisendhorp” in documents from 1298.  At the beginning of the 19th century the estate was owned by Magnus Friedrich Helms.  There followed the von Nussbaum family, who had the manor house built. ... more

Lambrechtshagen Demesne Estate

In Lambrechtshagen there were two separate areas: the village with its church and farm steads and the estate complex with the manor house, the park, and the husbandry yard. The village was first mentioned in documents in 1233. ... more

Hereditary Leasehold Farm Vorweden, Lambrechtshagen Community

Vorweden was created in 1819 to 1820 as a rental farmstead. The buildings were built of the stones from the previously demolished provincial high court in Rostock. In the following years four smallholdings came into being. The Mecklenburg-Schwerin Almanac first mentions the existence of the farm in 1829. The owner’s name first appears in 1832. ... more

Wahrstorf Manor House near Rostock

Around 1885 the house was enlarged with an addition. After 1881 the estate was in the possession of the Saniter brothers and in 1924 of Johannes Lüttmann. ... more