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Manor House Kachlin

Manor House Korswandt

The manor house which was erected in 1910 is a single-storey, six-axle building. ... more

Manor House Krienke

The manor house was erected in 1920. Owners of the estate were the von Borcke family from 1525 to 1945. ... more

Manor House Labömitz

Mellenthin Estate Complex, Island Usdedom

The Mellenthin manor house and estate complex lies at the heart of the island Usedom. A lime tree avenue with cobbled stones leads you to the manor house where its front garden greets you with the scent of lavender. ... more

Moated Castle Mellenthin

The Renaissance castle of Mellenthin stands on an artificially created island surrounded by a wide moat enclosed by boulder stones. ... more

Pudagla Castle (Manor House)

The village of Pudagla is located on the island of Usedom, on a narrow stretch of land between lake Schmollensee and the bay formed by the Achterwasser lagoon. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Stolpe on Usedom Island

Gerhard von Schwerin was first mentioned in 1251 as the feudal lord of Stolpe (Usedom Island). Between 1575 and 1590, Otto von Schwerin built the main building of the current manor house in Renaissance style. ... more