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Manor House Rustow

Rustow was first documented in 1242. 50 years later the Pomeranian Duke of the town of Demmin certified ownership of Rustow. ... more

Manor House Alt Jargenow

Alt Jargenow had been owned by the von Blixen family since at least 1545. The manor house was built in its present form on the foundations of the previous building which burnt down in 1830. ... more

Estate Groß Zastrow

The manor house is used as a residential building. ... more

Manor House Loitz

Vierow Manor House

The house was built in 1926 and until 1994 served as an old people’s home. 

It has been refurbished. ... more

Wüstenfelde Manor House

Wüstenfelde is first mentioned in a village chronicle in 1303.  In 1698 the estate was in the possession of the Greifswald businessman Jörgen Schmitterlow. ... more

Manor House Zeitlow

Zeitlow is located on the banks of the river Peene; the former landscape park that surrounded the manor house borders directly on to the river. In 1865 the manor was owned by Mr.Holtz(ß), around 1900 by Albert Westphal, and by Richard Bauer from around 1910. ... more