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Manor House Jamitzow

Jamitzow was first mentioned in a document in 1315 in which Henning and Arnold von Köller were named as owners. The estate seems to have remained in their possession up to the 16th century. ... more

Manor House Klein Jasedow

Courses in the meanwhile rarely used painting technique of encaustic (painting with hot, colour pigmented wax) are offered at the manor house. ... more

Manor House Krummin

Since May 2002 holiday apartments are available in the refurbished manor house. The investors Mario Bollinger and Stefan Armbruster plan to also renovate the blacksmith´s shop. ... more

Manor House Pritzier, District of Wolgast

The Manor House Pritzier no longer exists. Pritzier was first mentioned in Lubin's map in 1618. (The Lubin map is the first complete map of the Duchy of Pomerania produced by the Rostock scholar Eilhard Lubinus between 1610 and 1618.) Pritzier was originally and presumably until 1641 a fief of the Nienkerken family. Around this time the place became a sovereign demesne. ... more

Vorwerk Manor House near Lassan

In the 13th century the Ramel family had its seat here.  In following centuries the von Köller, Zitzewitz, von Weissenstein, and von Quistorp families were recorded as owners. ... more

Wehrland-Bauer Manor House

Hans and Dietrich von Lepel had their seat here in 1430.  The Bauer and Wehrland estates remained in the hands of the von Lepel family until 1823. ... more

Zarnitz Manor House

The house is a one-storey thatch-roofed, half-timbered brick structure dating from the last third of the 19th century. ... more