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Manor House Priborn

Right in the middle of the town of Priborn, south of the Müritz, is an alley that leads directly to the manor house.

The two-storey, imposing brick building with the two striking towers is located in the middle of a three-hectare park consisting of old trees. The place was documented for the first time in 1239 by Prince Nikolaus von Werle. Around 1346, Prince Bernhard von Werle transcribed his wife Elisabeth pieces of land in the village. After their death, the estate was acquired by the family of Hahn-Damerow. The von Knut(h) and von Marin families had also owned the property in the village before 1370, with the von Knuth family being the lords of the village. Since 1732, the Priborn region belonged to the von Ferber family.

The manor house was built between 1870 and 1880 by Ernst von Ferber and his wife Valley von Bornstedt. Both family coats of arms are still on the gables of the manor house. The last owner before 1945 was Dr. Ing. Horst von Ferber.

After expropriation, the manor house served as a refugee shelter, a school from 1959 to 2003, and later remained empty for the most part.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


von Ferber


Friedrich August von Ferber


the heirs of Friedrich August von Ferber


the brothers: major Johann Heinrich von Ferber; Carl Christian von Ferber; land marshal Joachim Gustav von Ferber; captain C. E. B. von Ferber


captain C. E. B. von Ferber


brothers von Ferber


Friedrich August Carl Heinrich von Ferber


Ernst August Carl Anton von Ferber


cavalry captain Ernst von Ferber


Dr. Ing. Horst Ferber