Manor House (Castle, Fort) Klevenow

The place of Klevenow, a former Pomeranian border fortification against Mecklenburg, is situated on the upper Trebel river.

In 1484 the Pomeranian duke enfeoffed Hans von Wakenitz with the castle (fort) Clevenow. During the Thirty Years War Klevenow was fiercely fought over and destroyed. In 1627 Carl von Wakenitz had the building extended and converted.

After 1650 the chapel was erected on the remains of the stronghold walls and a new wall with the entrance portal was built.

Due to marriage the estate came into ownership of Colonel von der Lancken in 1816. Ever since he and his descendants bore the name and the coat of arms of the von der Lancken-Wakenitz family. They remained in possession of the estate until 1945. Fritz Baron von der Lancken-Wakenitz had the ramparts removed in 1848 and created the park. The medieval remains of the fort were renewed and on the eastern side another building structure was added. After the Great War further conversions took place on the building.

From 1945 on the manor house was used for residential purposes, a doctor´s surgery, the post office and the co-op shop were located here too.

In 2003 the present owner took over the manor house which since then is being renovated.