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Manor house Oebelitz

The manor house was built around 1890. The estate was originally owned by the Behr family. The Oebelitz family has been documented since 1524. ... more

Manor House Klein Kiesow

Klein Kiesow was first documented in records as a property owned by the von Wakenitz family in 1434. The same family is still in residence during the 16th century. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Fort) Klevenow

The place of Klevenow, a former Pomeranian border fortification against Mecklenburg, is situated on the upper Trebel river. ... more

Manor House Koitenhagen

The Behr family was in possession of the estate in the 14th century. ... more

Manor House Lipsitz

Not far from the town of Bergen on the island of Rügen in the village of Lipsitz stands a manor house which was in good order and inhibited up to 1998, now it has been abandoned to deterioration. ... more