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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House (Palace, Castle) Wrodow

The village of Wrodow goes back to a Slavic settlement and was first documented on May 29, 1271 when Duke Barnim I ceded it to Ivenack Convent.

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With the secularization of religious houses during the Reformation the property came into the possession of the dukes of Mecklenburg in 1552; the dukes enfeoffed their vassals the von Maltzahn family with the villages belonging to the convent in the Penzlin area.  Colonel Joachim Engel, who had made his fortune as a military leader in the Thirty Years’ War, acquired the mortgage to Wrodow in 1656 after the end of hostilities.  For almost 150 years numerous legal and physical disputes among later owners and lessees marked the history of the property.  The von Barner family was in possession of the estate from 1717 until it passed to Gotthard von Pickatel (Peccatel) in 1751.

He had a manor house built in Wrodow that was later constantly expanded and rebuilt.  The house in Tudor Gothic style that we know today achieved its definite shape after 1860 through the Neumann family of Lapitz, who resided in Wrodow from 1817 to 1933.

After 1945 the house sheltered refugees as well as a cooperative store. The emptying out of the house began in the 1950s.

The current owners acquired the building in 1993 and began renovations.  Concerts, readings, and exhibits now enliven the house.

Owners before 1945:


Ivenack Convent until secularization


Joachim von Engel


Colonel von Barner


von Peckatel


mortgaged to von Ziethen


Karl Martin Greffrath


Johann Gottlieb Neumann
1921 Ludwig Neumann


Max Köller

We present Wrodow in Volume 4 of Fotografische Zeitreise Mecklenburg [Photographic Time Travel Mecklenburg].