Ihlenfeld Manor House

The original Ihlenfeld manor house was a plain, one-storey residential building of the von Rieben family, who owned the estate at the time. In 1810, the estate was purchased by the bailiff von Michael, who had the simple manor house rebuilt around 1850 by the master builder Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel in the English Tudor Gothic style with high corner towers and a three-axle central risalit.

Von Michael ran a widely known breeding of English thoroughbreds on the estate.

After 1945 and during the GDR period, there were flats and a kindergarten in the manor house. Around 1990, the manor house was already badly dilapidated. The Berlin company Rebaco GmbH purchased the building in 1991 in order to demolish it, which was implemented in 2001.

The small landscape park was laid out in the 19th century in the English style. It is behind the demolished manor house. In recent years, the municipality has had paths and orchards partly rebuilt. Some areas have been in use as allotments since 1945.

Ihlenfeld stellen wir im 4. Band der "Fotografischen Zeitreise Mecklenburg" vor.