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So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Estate Billenhagen

Billenhagen is part of the Blankenhagen municipality in the district of Rostock.

Structure of ownership until 1945:

1701 by way of pledge 1738 hereditary 1820

von Berg in Poppendorf


Valet de chambre Alexander Johann Gustav von Berg (see also Poppendorf)


Billenhagen passes to the Grand Ducal Chamber. The timber administration which had until then been in Fienstorf was relocated to Billenhagen.

seit 1782

Timber administration Fienstorf with Carl Koch


Timber administrator Carl Koch (relocated from Fienstorf)


Subforester (titled Forester) Friedrich von Klein


Forester (since 1866) Wilhelm Plagemann and two cottagers


Forester Gustav Seeboldt


Head Forester Ludwig Cornelssen