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Manor House Klein Kussewitz

Embedded in a beautiful, almost 2 hectare landscape park with old trees, and a swimming pond, the Klein Kussewitz manor house nowadays invites guests to spend their holidays here, to celebrate an occasion or simply to have a nice time together. ... more

Manor House Albertsdorf

Albertsdorf is a district of the municipality of Bentwisch. Today the manor house Albertstorf is a hotel and restaurant. The estate was a demesne with frequently changing tenants. ... more

Estate Billenhagen

Billenhagen is part of the Blankenhagen municipality in the district of Rostock. ... more

Hunting Lodge Gelbensande

Picturesquely situated in a wooded area of heathland near Rostock, Jagdschloss Gelbensande was once the summer residence of Duke Friedrich Franz III of Mecklenburg (1851 - 1897) and his wife Anastasia Michailovna Romanova (1860 - 1922). ... more

Estate Goorstorf

The estate Goorstorf belonged to Toitenwinkel, which was in possession of the von Moltke family for centuries until 1679. From 1679 to 1701 the von Mandelsloh family owned Goorstorf. From 1782 on the estate was a demesne managed by various tenants. ... more

Manor House Gross Kussewitz

Gross Kussewitz is situated in the affluent suburbs in the Eastern parts of the Hanseatic city of Rostock. Many new buildings have been erected in this place in recent years so much the worse appears the fate of the beautiful manor house. ... more

Manor House Mandelshagen

Mandelshagen was first mentioned in a document on May, 13th in 1334. The estate was in possession of the Grand Ducal Chamber. The demesne was leased out. ... more

Estate Nienhagen

Nienhagen is part of the municipality of Bentwisch. The estate had been a demesne with varying tenants. ... more

City Manor Oberhagen near Rostock

The tenants of the Oberhagen estate were Samuel Bringe until 1770, the agronomist Eduard Daniel Heinrich Becker from 1821 to 1842, Mr. Pippow around 1845, and Ernst Malchin from 1898 to 1945. ... more