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Book "Manor houses and castles in Mecklenburg"

Book "Manor houses and castles in Mecklenburg"

In Volume 3, we present 43 estates on 156 pages with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs.

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Book Mecklenburg 3

Manor house Rothen in calendar 2022

Manor house Rothen in calendar 2022

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Manor House Reez

You can reach Reez by taking the most beautiful cycling and rambling routes along the Warnow with its transverse valley, bordering meadows and forests.

Reez was first named in a Rostock treasure chamber register in 1238. The Reventlow family purchased the estate in 1608. The previous owner was the von Bülow family. The Vettinghoffs resided in Reez from 1684 to 1744 until the estate came under the ownership of the von Flotow family. A cavalry captain von Müller and the privy councillor von Bassewitz were later named as owners. Chamberlain Karl Franz Georg von Plessen bought the estate in 1838, and his family remained until its expropriation in 1945.

The manor house is a two-storey brick building above baroque cellars which was built by Friedrich von Flotows around 1825/30. Changes were made to its façade around 1885.

The estate’s architectural ensemble with the administrator’s house, barns and further farm buildings was built around 1835/40 and is largely preserved. A guesthouse was housed in the manor house until 1991, and apartments were also rented out until 1997.

There is, amongst others, a dumb waiter and a large cylindrical tiled oven still preserved in the interior of the manor house.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Reventlow


von Vietinghoff


von Flotow


district administrator Adam Philipp Matthias von Flotow


privy councillor Hans Georg Hartwieg von Flotow


cavalry captain Joachim Heinrich Christian von Müller


privy councillor Carl Christoff Graf von Bassewitz


chamberlain Carl Franz Georg von Plessen


chamberlain Anne Christine Friederike von Plassen nee von Carnap


the heirs of chamberlain Anne Christine Friederike von Plassen nee von Carnap


Carl Helmut Gerhard Giesbert von Plessen


Helmold von Plessen


Gerhard von Plessen


Familie von Plessen