Manor House Plennin

Plennin estate was owned by the von Moltke family in the 14th century. It later fell to the von Behr-Negendanck family, who farmed on the neighboring estate of Semlow until 1945.

Semlow and Plennin belonged together - the two estates have a similar history. A description of the Plennin estate can be found in the autobiography “Stories from My Life” by Christian Ludwig, Duke of Mecklenburg (*1912 – 1996), whose apprenticeship as a farmer was largely spent with the von Behr-Negendanck family at the Plennin, Semlow, and Kavelsdorf estates. The Plennin manor house is a typical Classical building from the 19th century. In recent years, restoration of some its parts had been started using funds from the Ministry of Culture before the renovation was stopped. The house has since then decayed and is not inhabited. It is in private hands.

Parts of the park have been divided up, but the basic structure is still recognizable.

Parts of the estate, such as the former inspector's house, have been preserved.