Manor House Penzlin

Penzlin received its municipal status from Prince Nikolaus von Werle around 1220. This was confirmed in a document in 1263.

There was already a castle at this time on a hill in the north of the area. The 500 year-long reign of the feudal von Maltzan dynasty at Penzlin Castle began in 1414 initially as pledgees, but in 1501 the knight Berend Maltzan auf Wolde purchased the town of Penzlin with all sovereign privileges from the Dukes Magnus and Balthasar. The castle was extended at the start of the 16th century. Listen more about castle:

Castle Penzlin

Georg Ferdinand Maltzan had a new manor house built between the walls of the Slavic castle by 1815. This had been converted into a meeting centre by 2008.